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Jaume Portella Triay

/Editorial, Content Creator, Research.


Editorial publication on alternative, sustainable and community projects around housing. Where research plays an important role, looking for local projects, visiting buildings, such as "La borda" through a guided tour that allows us to do an interview and some photographs. Finally write the texts inside and make a print run of 5 newspapers.

/Editorial, Research, Artwork.

Scanner, Waste, Art povera

Project made with waste from reuse boxes distributed around the university and a scanner. The material has been compiled during a week, by the classrooms destined to the graphic itinerary and the serigraphy workshop. Creating a "collaborative" work which was the initial guideline of the statement. On the other side, Arte Povera represents the main reference of the project for its concept and its ways of doing.

/HTML, CSS, Processing.


Website for the festival Ombra, where we had to combine html and css code with processing, a programming language that produces interactive and multimedia designs. That is why I made a website that was totally interactive for the user and allowed me to experiment with everything I learned during classes.

/Identity, Motion Graphics, Editorial.
/Vinyl, Artwork, Scanner.

Work In Progress

Work In Progress is a graphic identity proposal for the art and design circuit that could occur on the first Saturday of every month in Poblenou. The naming WIP, take us to the slogan: "Work In Poblenou / Work In Public / Work In Present". We opted for a cuted typography and adding process elements like, cutting marks, guides, colors and cut-outs.

In collaboration with: Marc Vidal.

Wildflower/The Avalanches

The statement said that we had to use the scanner to create the vinyl graphics. The band I chose was The Avalanches is an electronic and hip hop band from Melbourne. They use a lot of samples in their songs, so I decided to create the album this way. Where you could also create a different composition on each vinyl.

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